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Hereby inform liquid mirror SG (014-xxxx) appearance change


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Hereby inform liquid mirror SG (014-xxxx) appearance change

The Danfoss offers two types of optic mirror liquid: maximum working pressure of 35 bar the SG (014-xxxx) of the and the maximum working pressure for the 52bar SGP (014L-xxxx). Due to historical reasons, the two sections of the product label is not unified. In order to improve the product consistency, Danfoss decided to look with SGP SG as the liquid mirror are unified. For details, please refer to the following information and picture description.

It is expected that this change will be in the fifty-second to thirty-ninth weeks between the production line for natural switching. Therefore, the old and new look of the SG liquid mirror products may also appear in the market in the fourth quarter of 2017 to the third quarter of 2016. In accordance with the practice, the old and new versions of the SG as a mirror

In accordance with the quality standards and enjoy the same Danfoss quality and service.

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