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The establishment in 1988, the Beijing Department of refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd., is a set design, development, installation, commissioning, distribution in one of the professional refrigeration company. Is located in the northeast of Beijing CBD District, the other in Xicheng District, Shanghai and Putuo District City, Beijing branch. Company founded in more than ten years has been adhering to the professional development of the road, with its leading technology, excellent product quality, full integration of service concept to win the market. On the basis of the achievements of the outstanding achievements, innovation, enterprising, continue to grow and develop, become the world's top quality refrigeration equipment and accessories manufacturers in China's designated level dealers, and laid the domestic refrigeration market leader position.

Beijing Hui Jia refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. rely on science and technology for development, and constantly provide customers with satisfactory solutions, quality products, we are always the same pursuit. Hui Jia employees pursuing a policy of "enterprising, realistic, rigorous unity", and constantly blaze new trails, to the technology as the core, depending on the quality of life, to serve the customers as God, wholeheartedly for you to provide the highest cost-effective products, high quality of engineering design and meticulous after-sales service.

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